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My name is Andrew Streat and I have been involved in my own business since 1992 part time and working full time at it since 1996. Over the years I have represented and supported many companies in the Network Marketing Industry. For those of you who are new to Network Marketing or someone who might need a refresher course.

Network Marketing Explained....

Network Marketing is a form of Marketing in which a company promotes its product line not through the traditional methods of paid advertising but via independent distributors and their word of mouth advertising.

There is cost savings to the company going this route and a higher brand loyalty than using paid advertisements. Independent distributors benefit by receiving commission on direct sale of the product and by creating a network of independent distributors who also promote the product line. The network commissions are paid out in bonuses and overrides and the income source can come from many levels deep in the network.

Network Marketing is a person to person business with many benefits. A person can start their business on a shoe string budget and turn that business into a multi-million dollar business with a large global network depending on the company you represent and their marketing areas.

You can also duplicate your efforts many times over using Network Marketing. For example, letís say you wanted to earn an extra $200.00 a week from your regular job. It would mean that you would have to increase your hours to reach your income needs. You would need to increase your job work hours by 10 hours, 15 hours or more to do that. Or get a second job working those extra hours a week. But is it possible?  Maybe it is or maybe not.

But with Network Marketing, that is not necessary because by building a network of other distributors you are duplicating your effort. You can earn that extra $200.00 a week and it is highly possible and very easily done.

I will show you how & why......

Let us say, you only contributed 10 hours a week into your business, and your effort earn you only $50.00 a week profit. And let us also say that for each independent distributor you develop in your network, you earn 10% commission on their sales.

You would only have to develop a network of only 30 independent distributors who earn themselves earn $50.00 a week to earn $200.00 yourself.

30 x $50.00 = $1,500.00

$1,500 x 10% = $150.00

$50.00 from you + commission from your network of $150.00 = $200.00

You only contributed 10 hours of effort to your own business but your network produce 300 hours of effort if each person in your network did the same amount of time and effort you did and only contributed 10 hours per week. This is called The Duplicating Effort Method.

As your network sales increase or some of your network distributors produce more sales than $50.00 a week. You earn more money, but your effort remains the same or even get less until you reach a level where you are earning more than 3 or 4 times what you earn at your regular job, constantly for 6 months and at this point, most people retire from their job and live a lifestyle only dreamt about by others who are hoping to win money playing the lottery.

Of course this is just a small example of the great potential of Network Marketing and it is also a level playing field for everyone. There is no employer / employee relationship and everyone in your network can do the same thing you did. It is your own business and everyone at the bottom has their own chance of going to the top and becoming a president and earning a president income without the hassle attach to traditional business. But most of all, your success and their success is helpful to everyone involved and not the other way around like in traditional business where they can only be 1 president.  

Network Marketing is a win win deal for everyone. It is a better deal for all of us, and it is a legitimate form of conducting business.

Do you want further proof......

Please click on the following link below and review my 20 minutes video. It is not a new video and some of the channels of distribution mentioned is now obsolete. But the basic information about network marketing still applies and it gives you a very good understanding of the industry. Click here now and watch this video.

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Please see my personal video to get a better understanding of me.  It is 7 minutes long and you can review the information by clicking now on the word PLAY below.

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